Jeseong Chung, CEO

Genesis Chain., CEO

M.Sc., University of Seoul

Seungyoon Lee, COO

Genesis Chain., COO

B.S., Dongkuk University

Seungyeon Kim, CMO

ex-Hynix. Marketing

B.S., Dongkuk University

Kiok Kim, CTO

Genesis Chain., CTO

B.S., Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Milton La, CSO

Global Marketing

B.S., Penn state University

Sewon Lee, Designer

TAA Design group

Samoo Architects & Engineers

Elementa Architects

Urban Topology

Sungwon No, Developer

B.S., Seoul National University

James Choi, Marketing

B.S., Imperial College London

Token Allocation

Total Token Supply: 5,000,000,000 SPO